Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Juan de Fuca 4: The Final Collection

Equipment ready. Lights up. Preparations complete. All systems online! Roll Cameras!

Well, I'm headed out to sea one last time for my PhD. This'll be my 4th collection at JdF, and my 5th Atlantis cruise while at harvard. All totaled, I'll have spent more than 4 months of my PhD underway.

We leave on the plane tomorrow for Portland, and we'll be out until July 30th. I think the actual ship days are the 6th to the 28th or so, but we'll be working on unpacking/setup before then.

This year we've got a goodly lot of scientists- some greenhorns and some veterans - and the bossman is coming along to keep us all (people and machines) on set and working.

Team Girguis Cast:

Alvin is on board and greenlit after a short scare that it wouldn't be fit to dive (more on that later). I'm sure we'll have a good show full of adventures, misadventures, intrigue, and science! Stay tuned.