Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's field trip time!

The Magic School Pisten Bully

Ok Kids... Everyone have permission slips and a bag lunch? What's that Sam? Your parents didn't sign the slip? Gee, that's too bad Sammy, go sit in study hall all day. The rest of the class, follow me!

Oh, nevermind kids, it's Condition 2 out there - let's try again tomorrow. Instead, let's do data entry, horray!

10 days later.....

Alright, it's looking a lot better out there, but don't forget your booties (and Big Red) 'cause it's cooooold out there today. It's cooooold out there every day. What is this, Miami Beach? Not hardly! (-props if you got the reference, sometimes it feels like Groundhog Day down here)

Alright! Everyone pile into the Piston Bully, let's go for a ride!!!

Feel free to stretch out in style in all that luxurious room in the back of the truck.

Enjoy the view out the window before the frost and snow covers it up completely!

Oh NO! Traffic Jam - Antarctic Style... Bonus points if you can figure out what they are!!
*hint* They aren't groundhogs... Ok, everyone hop out for some quick pictures.

ppsssst Ned! What Phil.... Let's take the PB for a joy ride! Great Plan! Those scientists will never suspect us!

10 minutes later....

Well that took a little while but it looks like the traffic is dissipating. Ok, everyone back in the Bully!

Uh....guys? Where'd we park?

Ah Found it! Ew....someone left a "present" on the seat.... Anyways, on to Danger Crack!

Here we are at 'D' Crack! Gotta make sure it isn't too wide to cross - everyone remember, it can't be less than 72cm deep for more than 91 cm wide to cross in our trusty PB! That's what they told us in the orientations!

Put yer' backs into it!

Echo Drill baby Drill!

Horray! It's safe to cross, finally on to our field site. Time to clear the ice, kids. Breaker bars, scoopers, sweepers, and shovels away!


Alright the seal is out to take a nap, time for some science! Everyone got their plankton tow ready?

Good, now put the net out nice and easy! How deep? uh... the field guide says... umm....hmm...well... oh i don't know - just dunk it under there a few times. We'll get something.

Good job today kids. Field trip was a success, now pile back in for an exciting cramped 2 hour ride back in to town at 15mph! Let's hope we beat the storm coming in...

Class dismissed! And back in time for dinner! Until next time kids!

Disclaimers- Photos are not in order, and are not representative of any particular field day. I know that isn't the same seal. Penguins did not actually joyride our PB. Yes, the piston bully is magic. Apologies to Bill Murray. Penguins void in Arctic. Sales tax where applicable.

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