Sunday, December 4, 2011

Taking Your Questions

Hey reeders - especially to those in Ms. Mahl's class in NYC!

If you have a question about anything Antarctica or Ocean Acidification related, please put them in the comment section to this post entry, and I will do my best to answer them in this post, with pictures if possible.

I'll answer the two questions I get the most, right now.

No, I haven't seen any Polar Bears. They live at the North Pole. But yes, I have seen penguins!

No, you can't see the Aurora (southern lights) when it's sunny. You can only see them in winter, which i will not be here for. I do have a cool holographic postcard of them, and they are awesome!

Other than that, ask away!!


  1. Hey Geoff,
    thanks for sharing your experience, this is great.
    Are there makroalgae (seaweeds) that grow under the ice? Can you bring some seaweed degrading bacteria. Is it true that body odor disappears, when humans life in such cold regions, due to change in the microbial community living on our skin?
    Enjoy your trip,

  2. Hi Cousin Geoff! What's happening? Greetings from NYC and class 411. We just watched Encounters at the End of the World. Here are some questions from our eighth grade class:
    1. How can seals survive in that kind of weather?
    2. What is the range of temperatures in Antarctica?
    3. Does the ice cream from Frosty Boy taste good?

    Thanks cuz. Can't wait to hear back!

  3. Hi Cousin Geoff!! Here is Round 2. Our seventh grade class just watched most of Encounters at the End of the World. We have a bigger class, so we have a few more questions. Everyone wants to hear about Frosty Boy! : )So here are the rest of the questions. Thanks so much for allowing us this opportunity! - Your Cuz, Susan & Class 305

    1. How has Antarctica changed over the years?
    2. Do you hear the seals calling under the ice?
    3. Does the ice ever crack near you?
    4. How is the weather during the summer?
    5. Why does the ice crack?
    6. What types of animals have you seen up close?
    7. Is Frosty Boy good?