Friday, September 4, 2009

Last Dive Day!

Hey Reeders,

Sorry I've been pretty busy the last few days working on worms! We had a total of two more dives. The one I had with Ray Andrell, and one following with Suni and a crew member. I would have liked a few more worms on the second dive, but you never get everything you want out here. The key is making a good story with what you get. That said, I have processed over 250 worms so far this cruise, and expect to get at least 50 more before I go. So, not too bad for only 4 dives, 2 of which were awesome for collections. My hope is this will provide me enough data to really wrap up the data collection for the core of my thesis.

Today is the last dive of the series (most likely unless we get a 1/2 day dive tomorrow). We are back at the drilling site and they are finishing up their work here. The exciting news is Kiana, who was bumped from the dive after mine because the mass spec wasn't working, is in the sub right now! Suni went on the dive following mine and got some good Mass Spec data on our last dive, and Kiana got a chance to dive with the other group, so everything ended up working out in the end for our group.

After today we're headed back into port, in Astoria Oregon. We're slated to arrive on Sunday, so I think we'll get a couple more updates in before the dock is in sight.


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