Saturday, September 5, 2009

Well, well, well....head

Hi folks! I'm going to turn the blog over to Kiana, our guest blogger for the day. She just went down in the sub, and I want you to read it from her fingers directly. Cheers!

Holla at you blog readers from a boat. Now my dive adventures on the atlantis have been quite a rollercoaster adventure, if you don't mind me saying... "you're diving, nope you're not diving, wake up change to cotton you're diving, nope the mass spec is working your not diving"...but alas Beth! Orcutt, bless her red headded blue eyed awesomeness, bequeathed her well head dive to me. Some may say that they gave me the dive just because they wanted to have some fun and be devious with me when i got back to the surface, and well some may just have been correct about that.

While i wish i could explain the magestry of my adventure through the deep blue with words...i just don't feel like it would give you the full picture of the extreme AWESOMENESS... So if you will allow me i shall begin my INTERPRETIVE DANCE....

***shimmy shimmy, body roll, side roll, laser light show, alien creature imitation, alvin arm valve turns, shimmy shimmy, dance party.........SPLASH, SPLASH, shake-a shake-a freezing****

Got it =) my flowers have seen the ocean floor and have gained the wisdom of the ocean. oh and i saw aliens...true story. Needless to say i was like a little kid in a candy shop, it was the most incredible experience of my life followed by the most exciting freezing initiation of awesome. fun times fun times.

We've still got plenty of science left to complete. Then we pack and head home to our land fairing dwellings.

Enjoying the last couple days left to be rocked by the sea =)

From Geoff: A picture of the front tower on the bow of Atlantis, looking to the sky. Yes, I know the worms are the other direction, but thanks for reminding me.

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