Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rough Sees

Hey reeders,
Day 2 at see here. The wind is blowing at 25-30 knots so we have a weather day. Thus, no Alvin today unfortunately. As long as the wind dies down by the evening, it should be good for tomorrow, but that might not happen unfortunately. We'll sea i suppose.

Yesterday was a bit green for everyone, the crossing
wasn't necessarily rougher than previous years, but the wind was up and the crosscurrents made the ship movement very unpredictable. And unfortunately by the evening, just as I was feeling steady again I starting coming down with a head cold. So far it seems to have come and gone
in one unpleasant night of sleep, but i don't wan
t to speak too soon.

So, the recap is essentially we're in a recovery holding pattern, as we get back up to speed on health, finish building our systems, and prep for the dive tomorrow (crossing fingers). I have uploaded a few pictures from the prep work and our bbq to share here below in the mean time.

Talk to you later folks,

PS- photos can't get uploaded right now, bandwidth is tight. I'll try to add them tonight when less people are on.

PPS- Resizing photos is your friend. Sorry they're a little tiny, but better than nothing.

Melissa and Pete try to warm up by our tiny bbq grill. 50F, high winds, drizzly, and overcast. Happy 4th!

Heather unpacks dyslexically.

Start with water, add a little fire and a lot of wind, mix heavily- cue the oooo's!

Adrienne with a salute to quiet American life. I think cropped this could be the movie poster for a film about breaking out of a box and grasping at stifled dreams in a down-on-their-luck community in a well-meaning but little means working family. Or its just a 4th of july bbq sparkler on the docks....

Our not-very-grand fireworks finale!

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