Friday, July 23, 2010

Weather or not....

Hey all!

Well, the weather has just been a bugger this cruise. We lost two more days straight to weather. Today was a dive from Marv's group, and they got some sulfides that Kiana and Heather did some quick processing on to work on later in the lab. No worms this time, but that's ok, since I am still working on those worms from the motherlode haul from four days ago. I've been keeping them alive in my bank stocks upstairs thanks to a pump i borrowed from Ray's group. Most of them were doing pretty well when i started another experiment today.

I only have a few more runs to finish (four to be exact), which should be done tomorrow night. I'm pretty busy right now, planned down to the half hour, but its good work which should give us some interesting insights into short term and long term tolerance patterns in these guys. Kiana, Charles, and Heather have started packing already, as well as getting data off the server and so forth. The end of the cruise smell is starting to permeate the collective conciousness i think. People are a little antsy, counting down the days -- 3 till land right now! For me its exactly a week until I'm back in boston. Cruises are like a weird mix of boot camp, summer camp, and cowboy science. Its made the experience thrilling, draining, aggrevating, and exhilirating all at once. I don't particularly like working 16-20 hours a day, but if I was going to do it anywhere, it would be here.

I'm a cowboy, on the steel ship i ride.......


  1. ...over the ocean plains. One day you will look back at these cruises with fond memories. Not necessarily wanting to relive them, but definitely happy that you had them. It's good that you are taking time to enjoy the moment and the experience. It will all be over faster than expected which will be both relieving, yet nostalgic at the same time.

    good luck, and if you can, make sure you schedule some much needed rest time for when you get back

    meanwhile thank you for posting and keeping us updated as always

  2. Thanks Anonymous! (as a side note, list your name if you can, makes it easier to converse). Unfortunately, I gotta keep truckin' right when i get back. I leave for a conference 4 days after i get into boston, and i haven't even written my talk yet. I will be taking a couple days to explore mountains - as far from the ocean as possible - after the conference, which will be a great rest and unwind.