Thursday, August 20, 2009

Deer Deep Reeders,

I may not be able to tell which day i'm on after a couple weeks, but I sure got it down this time. We are on Day 1, and we left the dock at 8am. The lab set up continues. Some good victories- computer secured, shipboard balance set up without instructions (after we jimmied the lock that didn't supposedly exist and had no key or code with a dremel tool and a couple screw drivers), and got through the science briefing, alvin briefing, safety meeting, fire and boat drill, put on survival suits (only Kiana this time), and made it through the first day of rolling waves, stomachs mostly intact.

The internet is actually moderately un-fail right not so I'm going to attempt to post a picture or two of our antics out here.

Our team is Mark Nielsen, Suni Shah, Kiana Frank, and yours truly. Scott joined us for a couple days in Seattle to help set up the Mass Spec but he's headed back to his family today. So I've tried to include a picture of everyone involved. Total there are 26 scientists, 22 crew, and 8 alvin staff/pilots on board this trip, so its a full boat. A few old faces, and a lot of new ones to me. More about the life out here and the science when we get started. First dive scheduled for saturday, with Suni and her Mass Spec. Yay!

Ok Pictures...

Scott and Suni (Team Mass Spectators) at the dinner the evening before sailing.

Mark and his snazzy unistrut "rigged to roll" system.

Kiana demontrating excellent dexterity in the survival "gumby" suit.

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