Wednesday, August 19, 2009

T -14hours

Hey Deep Reeders!

Its about 6pm the night before we ship off. I am sitting here in the biolab near the front port side of the Atlantis. We are about to head off to dinner, home depot, and walmart to pick up some last minute supplies. The lab is a crazy mess of wires, tubes, pumps, sampling containers, and general supplies as we set up for our sail. The Atlantis ships off at 0800 tomorrow morning.

We've already had our Alvin briefing, and the oh-so-fun Safety Briefing happens tomorrow morning as we cruise out of Seattle. Speaking of, Seattle has been gorgeous! Been here since monday, and its been sunny and mid-70s every day. I know this is the best time of the year to visit, and it shows. I got to hang out with my college roommate since he lives up here, and we got lunch today at Pike's Place. So pretty! Also, the location of the thrown fish and the first Starbucks.

So, shipping off tomorrow, and I'll post from the sea next!


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