Saturday, August 22, 2009


A series of problems have befallen our cruise. First we didn't make it out to the site fast enough to get in our extra "insurance" dive that wasn't scheduled but that we might have had if we had gotten out easier. Next, seasickness claimed Kiana and a few others for a couple days, unfortunately. Day three now and she's up and seeming a bit peppier again, which is good.

I may be burying the headline here, but worst of all, one of our thrusters blew. Now this ship only has 2 thrusters, so instead of going 12 knots we can only go 5 now, which makes overnight transits between sites impossible. Even worse, they are probably going to go to shore to fix it during the cruise. This will cause us to lose a minimum of 4 days. We'll have to limp very slowly back to shore, then get the part, and hook up with technicians then head back out. This means both groups lose 2 dives.

Our group is down to 4 dives, which is just enough for each of us. Originally I planned to go third since we were going to split our dives up, and therefore I wouldn't have a system to maintain during the day while I was diving. Now, since bad weather is coming in over the next couple days, we are going to have only 2 more dives before we head to port. When we go back out, we'll go to the other group's site for all of their dives. If (and on this cruise that's a dirty word) there are no more mishaps and everything goes hunky dory we'll get one final dive. This would be my dive. But its unlikely I'll get it. So, like last year, I'll probably get screwed out of a dive. I understand science comes first and that's why I am not taking dive 3 so that i can maintain the system, and I would definitely trade an alvin dive for graduating faster, but it sucks. I started this cruise with the opportunity at a possible second dive, and now it looks like i won't get a first.

Well, enough ranting. Now for some good news, first dive was today and Suni had her very first dive! We got her wet with icy cold water, and then pranked her by tying different types of cables all over her bunk (she had needed a crucial one earlier in the morning). Also, I got plenty of worms! They are hopefully happy in my chambers. I have a pretty ridiculous setup, that i'll show you here...
More to come, and guest bloggers! Stay tuned...

Setting up the buckets of icy welcome for Suni's Return.
One second before she was soaked. Water baptism is a ritual for each Alvin first timer.

Late night snacks!

My set up! Heat baths, pumps and most of all.... TUBING.

My worms in their steel homes acclimating overnight in the heat baths.

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